LED Transformers



In a typical Fluorescent Refrigeration lighting installation, a Magnetic or Electronic Ballast is coupled with Fluorescent tubes to illuminate the case. Fluorescent tubes operate on Alternating Current (AC) and operate at high voltage typically 110V in North America and 220V in Europe. The function of the ballast is to provide a high voltage "start up" spark (up to 600V) that ionizes the Mercury contained inside the fluorescent tube. The Mercury then excites the phosphorus which emits visible light.

Posilight's Ultimum Series LED Transformers are specifically designed to meet the constant current electrical characteristics required to power LED lighting efficiently. Unlike fluorescent tubes they require a constant flow of Direct Current (DC) to maximize longevity. Conversely to electronic ballasts, Posilight Ultimum Series Transformers operate at the low voltage of 36 volts. This lower operating current provides a safer operating environment and virtually eliminates the possibility of socket fires.

Posilight Ultimum Series Transformers are optimized to work in tandem with the Legacy e and Legacy V Series of LED Refrigeration lighting. They are typically used to replace the Magnetic or Electronic ballasts on a one-to-one basis, and can support up to 4 LED Lighting fixtures depending on the aggregate load.