LED Shelf Lighting:


Refrigeration shelf lighting works in tandem with Canopy lighting to provide a well illuminated case. Unlike Canopy lighting which is used to wash across the face of the products, Shelf lighting is typically used to illuminate produce within a very short range, typically 5"-6" standoff. Most OEM manufacturers will use 32Watt T8 fluorescent tubes for shelf lighting applications.

Posilight has developed a family of single intensity LED Shelf lighting fixtures that are retro-fit compatible, consume up to 75% less electricity, have a lifetime rating of 50,000 hours (up to 10.5 yrs at 13hrs/day), dramatically reduce maintenance costs and provide an improved level of illumination. Posilight LED Shelf lighting fixtures are also available in different color temperatures (i.e. 3000K> 4100<5500K) and lens finishes to cut down on glare for angled shelving.

One of the most compelling features of the Posilight LED Shelf lighting solutions is that they can be retro-fitted without removing all the produce from the shelves, unlike most competing products. This results in shortened installation time dramatically reducing the costs and down time associated with such conversions.




Don't forget to also replace the transformers in your existing system!