LED Canopy Lighting:


The function of Canopy lighting is to provide a highly uniform light curtain across the face of the product allowing the consumer to make informed product selection. Most OEM manufacturers use a double fixture Canopy lighting configuration to provide this light curtain that extends to the bottom of the case, typically 6-7 Ft below. However in some cases, a single 32Watt fluorescent tube is used in the canopy resulting in a poorly lite case.

Posilight has developed a family of high output (HO) LED Canopy lighting fixtures that are retro-fit compatible, consume up to 50% less electricity, have a lifetime rating of 50,000 hours (up to 10.5 yrs at 13hrs/day), dramatically reduce maintenance costs and provide an improved level of illumination.




Don't forget to also replace the transformers in your existing system!