Robert Simoneau, President & CEO is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in the security industry and a fondness for "problem solving". Robert came up with the vision for Posilight after being tasked to resolve a "cold zone" lighting challenge for a local lighting company. He was amazed to find how inefficient traditional fluorescent tubes were in cold zones. He then proceeded to investigate the thermal characteristics of LED's in cold zones which led to his eureka moment! Robert also had a brush with stardom when he appeared on Season 4 of Dragon's Den to pitch the Posilight business model. See the link on our home page to find out if the Dragons were interested?

Pascal (Simon) Houle, CTO holds an M. SC. in electrical engineering and is the brains behind the design of Posilight products. Simon has vast experience in both analog and digital electronic system design having worked on many diverse turn-key projects ranging from 3D imaging systems to military and custom medical data acquisition systems.

Gerry Brunette, VP Sales & Marketing comes from the Electronics' industry where he enjoyed an 18 year career as a Marketing & Sales manager at a Tier 1 Global components Distributor. Gerry first got the bug for LED's when he was managing the Optoelectronics division back in the mid 90's. At the time LED's were a new technology, but it was obvious as the years past that they would one day replace the incandescent bulb as the ubiquitous light source. After years of searching for the right opportunity, Gerry decided to join Posilight to help create a global brand and foot print.