About us

We are a Canadian technology company based in Saint-Laurent. Our products are designed and manufactured locally working closely with both OEM Refrigeration manufacturers and retail merchandisers to develop products that not only meet stringent industry standards but also help achieve environmental responsibilities goals.

Posilight's vision was born from an implicit need to provide robust and efficient lighting solutions that are optimized for your cold zone needs. Our Solid State LED lighting fixtures provide; dramatic reductions in energy consumption (up to 75%), enhanced merchandise illumination, reliability, and the lowest installation cost all while helping make the planet a little greener.

The name Posilight is an abbreviation for "positionable lighting". Unlike the inefficient fluorescent tubes that radiate light in a 360 degree pattern, Posilight's positionable LED lighting fixtures are designed with a 120 degree viewing angle which allows you to focus the light where it counts, on the merchandise. This results in a focused light source minimizing energy consumption and carbon foot print while maximizing the customer experience.

Unlike some of our competitors, we are not lighting generalists, but rather specialists focused solely on the Refrigeration lighting applications. Our Legacy series' intuitive form factor is designed to be a "drop-in" retrofit solution and allows us to convert virtually any refrigerated case from traditional fluorescent tubes to energy efficient LED lighting.

To say that our LED Refrigeration lighting solutions are evolutionary would be an understatement; they are Revolutionary!